Aventus Films


Sci-Fi Horror Thriller, coming soon from Aventus Films.


Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space", set in the present. Takes place in Arkham County in the Miskatonic River valley.


Humanity vs. Alien Spore Infection


A meteorite crashes near a remote New England survey camp, carrying a deadly alien spore infection.  


The spore drives any living being it has infected insane, then consumes their body in order to procreate and spread on to the next host.

One of the surveyors, a messed up former military contractor suffering from PTSD, has to overcome his past weaknesses to protect a beautiful young surveyor whom he’s fallen in love with.


Mayhem ensues as one by one the surveyors, poachers hunting nearby and multiple animals are infected. An insane grizzly bear, manic flocks of crows, armed maniacs and a psychotic cook who starts creating meals involving wildlife and camp members make this an edgy, twisted, sci-fi horror film.



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